Online Player Registration

The on-line player registration is currently in a view only mode as the player registration deadline has passed.  Now is the time to upload proofs of age for U8 players moving to U9's next season.  Club secretaries are the only people that have access and are allowed to use the system. Please ensure your log-in details are kept secure.   

Players at all age groups are registered through the on-line system (U7 – U12).  However there is a slight variation in the process dependent on the age group you are registering a player for. 
All players should complete a player registration form, as this holds all the information required when entering their details into the on-line system.  However, this should be retained by the Club Secretary not submitted, unless a dispute arises. You need to upload Proofs of age for age groups U9 - U12 and passport quality photographs for players in the under 12 age group.  all uploads should be in jpeg format and re-sized to around 200k.

Under 7 & 8’s

Players details are entered on-line.  No uploads are required.

Under 9, 10 & 11’s

Player details are entered on line and proof of age must be uploaded (no photographs).

Under 12’s

Player details are entered on line. Proof of age and a passport type photograph should be uploaded in jpeg format into the registration system. Players cannot take part in fixtures until the manager has received the ID card back from the league.


Can I remind all secretaries that when entering information you are responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted.  Paper registration forms should be retained by the club secretary, but may be requested in cases of dispute. 

New player registration is £2.00 per player and will be invoiced twice a season.

Please Note:

There is no limit on the number of players that can be registered for your under 7's and 12's teams.  
However, a team must not have a match day squad greater than double the size of its team in an age group (e.g. 7 v 7 - 14 players)
 For under 11's and 12's it is 18 players.  Once a player has been registered they cannot be removed from the system.

If you find any discrepancies or need help contact me on 07980 211476 or