Car Parking at Lees Brook - U7's


This communication has been issued by Lees Brook about car parking :-

We will be operating a one-way traffic system from this Sunday 4 October 2015. There is some work due to be done on the gate by the tennis courts but we have not been given notice of when this is due to start so we will operate the one way system from this week until we are told otherwise.

Cars need to enter via the main school entrance further up the road (about 150m) from the entrance used over the past few weeks. Cars should exit via the tennis court entrance - the one they have used to come on the site previously. Signs are in place indicating  the one way system traffic flow. 

Phil Millward will stand by the tennis court entrance directing traffic to the new entrance. It might take a week or so for parents to get used to this but eventually the one way system should be  a lot better than what is in place at the moment.